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Do you live in Eindhoven or nearby?

Are you creative, strategic – a “connector” by nature? Do you want to bring new initiatives to the market, by working with the local and expat community in Eindhoven?

Then we should definitely meet!

We are a creative team of volunteers, members of Art+Tech Society, and we’re currently preparing the second edition of “Connecting Eindhoven”, a social game which enables participants to discover Eindhoven in a gamified way. Participants work in teams to complete social challenges/missions in one day. Eindhoven is the playground, its hotspots are the game landmarks, but the true wins are the people (both locals and expats) and their interaction. The pilot game was rated 8/10 on an average by the participants.

Over the next year, we want to improve our game, conduct 3-4 events and prepare the game for branching out to other cities in the Netherlands. For that to happen, we need you!

Your role will be to help us identify potential partners/sponsors, effectively communicate the value of our initiative to them and convert their interest into resources for further development. This is an opportunity to leave a mark, think strategically, expand your own network and work in a highly creative, interdisciplinary team.

vacancies of our partners

Advertising World Peace is looking for:


Advertising World Peace is a new international project supported by Art + Tech Society which aims to create awareness and action about world peace. The initiators are artists and designers with amazing ideas to make this happen.

For one of the main projects, they are looking for a website designer, who can develop a “tidy and simple” website where the start page shows the logo of the initiative and a floating earth full of pins. It will be attractive enough to motivate visitors and followers from all over the world to:

  • Find the different artworks by clicking on the pins posted on the floating globe (earth)
  • Make the floating globe rotate and when selecting a pin, then the website will zoom into the place in street view (like google earth) and show the artwork on the location the artist put it at. In this way, visitors can see the virtual objects in the real surroundings.
  • This experience should be more real by using A/R. This can happen, if the visitor position their mobile phones on specific places/landscapes where the artists want to show their artworks.
  • Interact or comment about a sticker and poster. When selecting a pin related to stickers and posters; the system will show QR codes, allowing visitors to upload a statement about the location of the poster.
  • Upload a selfie, with a short statement on the globe. This selfie will immediately get a “visitors pin”

And specially, this website will be design for artists and designers all over the world, and allow them to:

  • Easily register themselves
  • Upload information on a location of their choice on the globe (this makes it possible to put up virtual posters and virtual 3Dart objects in places that are impossible to reach; because of the inaccessibility of the location, because of political restrictions etc.) and allows more people to participate in the project. This info can be e.g. posters, AR objected, video, gif animation, a song, etc. This object will immediately get an “artist pin” and a link to the artist, his art and his statement in the artist menu on the site. It can be done using systems like Cesium.

The website must have interaction with other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Advertising World Peace’s goal is to have the entire globe filled with peace messages and art made by artists and visitors from all over the world. Creating a peace layer covering the globe.

Are you interested in this project and willing to support the development of its online tools? Then contact Peter van Ede (, +06 4372 5274).

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