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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” Albert Einstein.

Art and Tech Society’s ambitions are not small. We will, however, start in a local and small way with four complementary activities:


These will be a series of lectures, exhibitions and open discussions where six societal paradigms or mental models will be analyzed:

  • Our silo mentality and way of working
  • Technology and smart society
  • Our relationship with the natural environment
  • Human Prosperity
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This program will be performed by lectures and open discussions, where participants can reflect on, analyze and criticize six paradigms, to understand them in their context. That improved understanding and a better grasp on their hold of their own mental models, can help start defining possible alternatives paths and create a different future. These key paradigms are:

  • A world full of bubbles: Why do we still think in and work within silos (e.g. art vs technology, emotions vs rationality, anthropology vs engineering, finance vs music)? How can we learn from nature to follow a continuity?
  • Technology and smart society: What is the role of technology in our current society? What is the role that we want to give it in the future? What about technology and its currently influence on our daily life? What does it mean for ethics, safety and freedom?
  • Our relationship with the natural environment: What is nature and what is its intrinsic value? Should nature have rights? Why do we separate civilization from nature? Does it mean we are becoming aliens on our own planet?
  • Human Prosperity: What is our purpose as human species? As Dutch society? As city? Do we aim for welfare or well-being? What do we need to be happy? What kind of society do we want and need in the future? And what is needed to make that happen?

In a collaborative way we will start proposing systemic changes.

To create a better future, we need to deepen our insights into and reflect on our current systems, traditions and paradigms. Revisiting the roots of our systems will enable us to start changing direction. This will require more than understanding and designing; it will ask us for commitment and participation. It will need a multi-institutional collaboration to propose new systemic changes towards the creation of a new human prosperity that supports the happiness and well-being of humanity while respecting the natural environment.

Complete description of this program

ATS believes that we can start the change now. And organizations that support this ideal like TAC, STRP-LoI and TU/e-LoI, are committed to create a community of innovative pioneers and thought leaders (from academia, the private sector, NGOs, local governments) that will attempt to re-make two key topics (during 2020-2021): Learning and Human Prosperity.

  • Human Prosperity: What is our major purpose as city? Are we a civilized city, when we deplete nature?
  • Human development: Are our educational system prepared for the future? Are our educational systems inclusive of nature?

This Think-Tank will run 4 meetings per topic; one will be open (part of Cultural Expeditions 1.0) and three closed. During the closed events, several local and international experts in the field will be invited. The outcomes of the Think-Tank (key questions, hypothesis a/o possible envisioned futures), will feed the Revolutionary Creative Makers (see below) and other partnered organizations (e.g. social-oriented design agencies) in order to start designing and experimenting new solutions


Activating and empower an enthusiastic group of professionals

Supported by TAC and Baltan Laboratories, as venue sponsors that shares the vision of empowering young talents to make, in an impactful way, a contribution to the local, national or global community, ATS has already created a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary group of 16 enthusiasts (with 14 nationalities and 12 different disciplines). Most of them are working or studying full-time, yet have found a way to invest several hours per week (as volunteers) in projects that contribute to enhancing the happiness and well-being, creating a better city for the future right now.

Complete description of this program

These Creative Makers have started working on three projects related to social participation (making all people part of the social fabric).

ATS has encouraged them to work in an open collaborative way, sharing knowledge and building on each other’s strengths and capabilities. Furthermore, team participants are encouraged to further develop themselves and learn new skills by following the Mindset Toolkit.

Current running projects

  • Gaming for social inclusion. The team uses gaming as a technique that, in a continuous way, makes different people physically meet (e.g. internationals with other internationals and locals), let them know the city and the different cultural activities happening (e.g. events of ATS, TAC, etc). The pilot game ranked above 8.
  • Equal table. It is a successfully starting initiative that has attracted the attention of many volunteers. It runs a series of open discussions where multi-cultural participants give their opinion about up to date societal problems. It aims to make international and local people understand and feel empathy for each other.
  • Community Activation: This initiative aims to motivate a digital community to physically meet, interact and co-create. By using a white board connected to a live stream, participants get personally invited to join events or co-start initiatives. The team works currently on a protype which will be tested in a local school.

During 2020, the Gaming initiative will run a city event every two months and Equal Tables will run an open discussion every two weeks. Both initiatives will invite all public, especially the international community.

If you are interested to know more or being involved in our activities, then contact us.

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