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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” Albert Einstein.

We aim to create a platform of reinforcing products like workshops, exhibitions, courses, lectures, discussion tables, laboratories, etc. to tackle relevant societal challenges and find solutions.  We want to create a center where knowledge and technology is being created to benefit all.

We think big but will start small

We have started bringing new insights to high-tech professionals, expats and enterprises. We do this in three ways:

Talleres Creativos

Workshops for professionals to untap their creative potential.

El Patio Artistico

Refreshing the innovative capacity of your enterprise by bringing more artistic competences.

Celebraciones Comunes

Creating multi-organizational collaborations for a social purpose

Take a look to every program. If you are interested to know more, then contact us.

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Mayra Ortega Maldonado, initiator and general coordinator

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