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Art + Tech Society is a new foundation established in Eindhoven, committed to contribute to the creation of a better world by using art, technology and entrepreneurship as enablers of social innovation. We do and will activate and empower people, organizations and communities to collaborate.

November is about “Technology and Smart Technologies”

Online presentation:

Assessing fairness of algorithms

by Himanshi Allahabadi  

Date: Thursday November 5th at 17:45

Place: Kazerne, Eindhoven

Link to presentation

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About the presentation

The term “fairness” means different things to different people, and the difference get wider when the problem of algorithmic fairness is considered. For a long time, the focus has been on statistical measures of fairness, some of which have been found to be mutually incompatible. Moreover, this narrow focus on fairness distracts from broader goals of justice. This talk is about the interaction between types of biases present and types of solutions that algorithms focus on. The conclusion is the need to find solutions through the field of counterfactual reasoning, which can provide a unified view on fairness.

Info about the speaker

Himanshi just graduated Master in Data Science  from the University of Eindhoven, being her Master project “Assessing Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning through a Causal Lens”.

She is a software engineer by profession and passionate about AI and its long-term implications for society.

Equal Table – (virtual) Open Discussion:

“Future scenario:waking up in 2121”

by Lore Stroe  

Date: Wednesday November 11th, from 19:00 to 21:30

Have you ever thought about what will happens in 100 years from now? What if you could be frozen and wake up again in 2121? Are you ready to experience the unexpected? We can only guess what the future holds for us, when right now many companies are developing technologies to preserve our bodies and make it possible to wake up in the time of our grand- grand kids.

🗣Join our conversation if you are Interested to learn more, share your opinion with others and unfold future scenario.

🌍No matter where you are located in the world, we welcome everyone, just sync with our time and turn on your laptop!

📩For participation or questions send direct message to our email equaltableclub@gmail.com

We have limited amount of spots!



Possibilities of creative coding

by Luis Ferreira, MSc.  

Date: Wednesday November 18th from 19:00 to 21:00

Place: Microlab, Eindhoven

Price: 20 Euros


About the workshop

Did you ever think of the computer as a tool to extend your creative skills, or even as a creative partner? Creative Coding is an emerging branch of technology with a deep impact on areas such as art, design, and education.

This workshop explains what Creative Coding is and the many forms it can take, from graphics to physical shapes, sound, movement, and more. It provides an organized and untechnical overview that will introduce you to this art form, whether you want to create something with it or leverage its potential as a professional.

What to expect?

Learn about (creative) coding from a specialist who makes art with coding! And best of all: no technical skills are needed.

You will learn:

  • the basics of (creative) coding popular techniques
  • the professional and artistic value
  • Slides with links to many interesting projects, tools, tutorials, and articles will be available after the presentation so you can follow-up on your own time.

About the trainer

Luis Ferreira is a Creative Technologist based in Eindhoven that believes technology has the ability to empower human experiences and capabilities. As a former robotics researcher and software developer, he learned how the computer’s decisions are ultimately inspired by the way humans think and act, and how they interact with their environment.

However the strictness of engineering didn’t allow for creativity to flow, so he now uses the techniques learned over the years to experiment with projects that offer a connection between the digital and the physical worlds, using different forms of input and output. His projects often range from practical software tools to experiences focused on light, color, and interaction.

Visit https://luisferreira.space/ to see the Light Canvas or Livinglab Stratumseind and more.


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