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We are starting to offer workshops, creative activities where “Art + Technology” are combined in an alternative way. We bring together left-handed with right-handed creatives in Eindhoven’s Maker Spaces, Fairs and Festivals, classical and Living Labs.

Are you creative? Eager to explore new technologies like bio-art, virtual reality, 3D printing? Join one of our workshops!

Enjoy putting your spin on new technologies

Along this and next year we will offer a series of workshops related to main trendy technologies like: 3D printing; bio-art; virtual reality; gaming; etc.


It is up to you what we include in our programming.

our program

Along the year, we will offer different type of workshops during the weekends. In these interactive workshops you will having fun, learn by creating with your hands and meet people with the same curiosity and interest than you. After every workshop, we will invite you to have some drinks and have fun with us and your peers.


The art-technology combination we will include in the coming week is:

TOY HACKING with David NG McCallum

Date: Wednesday, December 12 from 18:30 to 21:30

Location in Eindhoven: To be defined

Cost: 30 euros

Description of the workshop: Toy hacking is a fun way of exploring some basic electronics while unleashing your creativity on unsuspecting toys. Interested? Read more.

Program for the next year

Design Thinking

January  2019.

Social media

April 2019.

Artistic competences

July 2019.


October 2019.

Bio-design and bio-art

February 2019

Digital tools

May 2019

Artistic expressions

August 2019

Smart materials

November 2019


March 2019

Digital tools

June 2019

Sustainable technologies

September 2019

3D printing

December 2019

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