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Art + Technology Society is a new organization in Eindhoven which aims to create a new innovation environment in the city by using “art + technology” as enablers of social innovation. We believe that high-tech professionals and other left-sided professionals can learn artistic competences like creativity, thinking from different perspectives and envisioning (to name some) to become more innovative.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” Albert Einstein

This movement is nothing new. Take a look to specific examples within international and recognized institutions like the Massachussets Institute of Technology, Harvard and several EU centers like STARTS, ESA, CERN.

We aim to bring fresh and innovative ideas to your organization by letting your employees be in contact with “art and artistic expressions”. How do we do that?

By training your employees

We can provide workshops for high-tech professionals and designers to untap their creative potential. Professionals can learn from an artist or designer how technology is being used in other contexts and for other purposes and they can be challenged to suggest new applications.  We can  design a specific program for your organization.

By bringing more art into your organization


Art + Technology Society can support your organization to create an “art committee” to work on the acquisition and exhibition of art within your installations. This artwork can be visual but also experiential like music and literature performances.

Artists in residency


If your organization is ready to further explore this “art and technology” concept in a more impactful way, we can start the conversation about finding places for “artists in residency” within your R&D departments

Interested to start the conversation? Or to sponsor us in some way? Please contact us.

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Stichting Art + Tech Society is a non-profit organization registered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands under the CoC (KvK) number 76420345