We are 

Art and 
technology society

We aim to give a new impulse to the innovation heritage of Eindhoven.

What we do

Art + Technology Society is a non-for profit organization that uses “Art + Technology” as enablers of social innovation.  “Art” is a powerful tool that can help us to unleash the creative potential of local and international professionals and enterprises towards the creation of a more human-centric technology and innovations.

We live in Eindhoven. Our city is known to be one of the most innovative in the world.

But is it? You know we’re indeed not doing too bad at all. 

You also know that we can do better. Mobilize more people, involve more professionals or eager innovators like yourself, jointly aim for more impact.

Together we can give a new impulse to the innovative heritage of Eindhoven.


Join our movement, by being involved in one of our activities

our activities

Are you a curious professional willing to experience trendy technologies and methodologies in an alternative way?

Then join one of our next activities

October is about

“Human Technology Interaction”

Invitation to join our Creative Team

Place: Baltan Laboratories

Date and time: October 15 at 19:00 

If you are an enthusiastic professional or student willing to meet interesting people and contribute with the city in some way, then join us.

The Creative Team is an initiative of Art + Technology Society where a group of around 15 enthusiastic professionals and students are working on activities to make Eindhoven a liveable city for all.

At the moment, we have two projects running about social inclusion and participation. Both of them are looking for new members to contribute with their expertise (e.g. design, programming, marketing, etc). All kind of expertise (low, and high-tech) is very welcome. Both projects are in the conceptual phase, thus new ideas and insights are very welcome.

This is a gratis activity, thus be free to sign and join.
You will like it !!

More info or interested to join? Then send us an email.

Events of our partners

STRP Event

How intelligent is Artificial Intelligence? 

During this evening, it will be an open discussion with the founders and directors of the TU/e recently opened the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute.

Place: NatLab

Entree: 10 Euros

More info or interested to join? Then click here.

Events of our partners

Fontys & TMC Event

Move to Stay Hackathon 

Help us find the innovation that allows clients to live independently and more pleasantly at home for as long as possible. In other words: Move to Stay. 

Place: Hight Tech Campus

Date and time: November 9 and 10

More info or interested to join? Click here.


The topic of November-December will be

“Smart materials and 3D printing”



Take a look to some impressions

Workshop “Toy Hacking” given by David NG McCallum on December 12th, 2018.


Workshop “Wearable technology” given by Marina Toeters on November 16th, 2018.


Who is behind the curtains?

We are a small team who is intended to organically grow. We are teaming-up and partnering with strong organizations to enhance approach. Do not hesitate and engage with us..

Let's get in touch
Say Hello!

Please call or emails us at:

Mayra Ortega Maldonado, initiator and general coordinator

mayra@art-and-technology.org or mayra.ortega.maldonado@gmail.com

Mob: +31 (0) 6 45 92 5001


Or send us a message: