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We aim to give a new impulse to the innovation heritage of Eindhoven.

Who we are

Art + Tech Society (ATS) is a new and non-profit foundation, established in Eindhoven, committed to contribute to the creation of a better world by using art, technology and entrepreneurship as enablers of a nature-centric prosperity. We do and will activate and empower people, organizations and communities to collaborate.

We aim to become an impactful platform that creates knowledge and know-how, perhaps even wisdom, through organizing exhibitions, workshops and meetings in which reflection and awareness take place and people are given the means to start making change happen.

What we do

ATS’ ambitions are not small. We will, however, start in a local and small way with two complementary activities:

  • Cultural Expeditions are open events in which people can reflect on societal paradigms (mental models) to start proposing alternative paths that lead us to a better future.
  • Transition Lab is a current community of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary professionals and students who will work on making Eindhoven, a more nature-inclusive city.

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February Events and Announcements

Interactive Online Talk:

“Talk about the rights for animals, plants, and other beings” by Erno Eskens, PhD

Date: Thursday April 8th, from 17:45 to 18:45

Conserving and preserving Nature in all its form is a urgent necessity. During this interatives talk, you will get to know the concept of legal personhood for all beings and for nature itself as a way to protect it. And not less important, this concept is getting more attention at national and international level and if it is implemented, it can have a radical impact in the way future societies will develop.


Interactive Workshop:

Near Futures Editions:

“Regenerative Food Systems”

Date: Friday April 1st, from 17:30 to 20:30

On April 1st, we invite you to come and imagine with us what a society which has adopted regenerative agricultural practices might look like.

You don’t have to be expert on the topic but be curious about how we can start designing different approaches.

During the 3hr workshop, you and your team will have enough time to discuss, to imagine and to write a creative story in a not so distant future where regenerative food systems are taking root.


Online and Interactive Talk:

“Co-creating Reality: the need of a new perspective to build a better world” by Sarah Durston, PhD

Date: Thursday March 4th, from 17:45 to 18:45

The current reductionist way to see and understand life has limitations when comes to researching key topics like values or psychiatry on human beings. During this talk you will hear about the need of a subjective, first-person, systematic methodology and exploration which can also lead us to co-create the world we want to inhabit.


Interactive Workshop:

Near Futures Editions:

“Regenerative Food Systems”

Date: Friday February 26th, from 18:30 to 21:30

Rethinking our food systems ( from what arrives in our plates to those producing and transporting it) is a challenging yet crucial task to ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come.

During this workshop, you will be challenged to envision a future society which has adopted regenerative agricultural practices.


Our first Annual Report

A new foundations is flourishing  

Art + Tech Society is a new foundation in Eindhoven the Netherlands that is flourishing.

It has the vision to create a human and nature centric prosperity. In order to achieve this, we believe we need to think and act differently. Therefore it has the mission to become the change agent for a new societal mindset and besides that it is committed to activate and empower citizens and organizations to collaborate to build together this vision.

In this report you will find its progress, achievements, learning and great moments during the period Nov 2019 until Oct 2020.

Please take a look at it.

Maybe you will become inspired to join us as a volunteer, project leader or donator in this journey. You are always welcome.

Enjoy reading it

ATS Annual Report 2019-2020

Interactive Online Event:

Solving grand challenges in interdisciplinary teams, lessons from TU/e innovation Space

by Isabelle Reymen  

Date: Thursday February 4th, from 17:45 to 18:30

Grand societal challenges can only be solved by heterogeneous collaboration processes. TU/e innovation Space facilitates Challenge-Based Learning in interdisciplinary teams. 

The video of this presentation will be published soon!!


There are more events to come… you will hear from us soon


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Stichting Art + Tech Society is a non-profit organization registered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands under the CoC (KvK) number 76420345 and the RSIN/Fiscaal nummer: 8606.18.195.