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Art and
tech society

We aim to give a new impulse to the innovation heritage of Eindhoven.

Who we are

Art + Tech Society (ATS) is a new and non-profit foundation, established in Eindhoven, committed to contribute to the creation of a better world by using art, technology and entrepreneurship as enablers of social innovation. We do and will activate and empower people, organizations and communities to collaborate.

We aim to become an impactful think-tank that creates knowledge and know-how, perhaps even wisdom, through organizing exhibitions, workshops and meetings in which reflection and awareness take place and people are given the means to start making change happen.

What we do

ATS’ ambitions are not small. We will, however, start in a local and small way with four complementary activities:

  • Cultural Expeditions will be open events in which people can reflect on societal paradigms (mental models) to start proposing alternative paths that lead us to a better future.
  • Future Making Think Tank will be multi-organizational team of leaderes that will focus on proposing a more Human Prosperity for the city of Eindhoven.
  • Future Making Lab is a current community of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary professionals and students who will work on making Eindhoven, a more inclusive city.


Join our movement, by being involved in one of 

our activities

Every month, we will share with you interested information about our events, relevant info to take a look at a/o news from our partners

The topic of July is

Digital art and gaming

Live game:

Connecting Eindhoven, edition Stories of Eindhoven

Date: Thursday July 28th – 19:00 to 21:30

Place: Baltan Laboratories (Natlab)

Price: 2.5 Euros + admin costs

After running the first game with this edition – on July 7th – and getting a general score higher than 8 from participants, we are enthusiastic to run it again.

You are very welcome to join us !!

In this new edition (Stories of Eindhoven), you and your team will get all ingredients to envision Eindhoven of the future and express it in a creative and funny way.

Want to know more? Click here.

Opening of the exhibition :

Events around the virtual exhibition confined.work, creativity in the digital during confinement

Date: Friday July 3rd

20.00 – 23.00 Opening, presentations and open discussions

What has this lockdown period made you reflect on?
How has working in isolation disrupted the creativity of artists and designers?
How can we leverage the ever-changing digital landscape to continue creating and engaging with art?
As part of TAC’s event TAC2GO, artists Arvid&Marie and other peers invite you to the opening of their virtual exhibition (confined.work), where they will interact with the audience to explore these questions.

More info about these events. Click here.


There are more events to come… you will hear from us soon



Advertising World Peace is looking for:


Advertising World Peace is a new international project supported by Art + Tech Society which aims to create awareness and action about world peace. The initiators are artists and designers with amazing ideas to make this happen.

For one of the main projects, they are looking for a website designer, who can develop a “tidy and simple” website where the start page shows the logo of the initiative and a floating earth full of pins. It will be attractive enough to motivate visitors and followers from all over the world to interact and also allow artists to put their virtual artworks. 

Advertising World Peace’s goal is to have the entire globe filled with peace messages and art made by artists and visitors from all over the world. Creating a peace layer covering the globe.

 Are you interested in this project and willing to support the development of its online tools? Then click here for more info or contact Peter van Ede (info@petervanede.com, +06 4372 5274).

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Mayra Ortega Maldonado, initiator and general coordinator

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Mob: +31 (0) 6 45 92 5001


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Stichting Art + Tech Society is a non-profit organization registered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands under the CoC (KvK) number 76420345