We are 

Art and
tech society

We aim to give a new impulse to the innovation heritage of Eindhoven.

Who we are

Art + Tech Society (ATS) is a new and non-profit foundation, established in Eindhoven, committed to contribute to  usie art, technology and entrepreneurship as enablers of social innovation. We do and will activate and empower people, organizations and communities to collaborate.

We aim to become an impactful think-tank that creates knowledge and know-how, perhaps even wisdom, through organizing exhibitions, workshops and meetings in which reflection and awareness take place and people are given the means to start making change happen.

What we do

ATS’ ambitions are not small. We will, however, start in a local and small way with four complementary activities:

  • Cultural Expeditions will be open events in which people can reflect on societal paradigms and start proposing alternative paths that explore new paths
  • Art + Design Mindset Toolkit will be a series of workshops in which participants can start developing artistic and design abilities needed to create meaningful innovations.
  • Together with key partners, we will create the Future Making Think Tank that will focus on Learning and human prosperity, to be analyzed, reflected on and inspire new ideas to be generated.
  • We have gathered a team of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary community of professionals and students (Revolutionary Creative Makers) who will work on these new ideas but are already actively working to create a more inclusive society.


Join our movement, by being involved in one of our activities

our activities

Are you a curious professional willing to experience trendy technologies and methodologies in an alternative way?

Then join one of our next activities

December is about

“3D printing and materials”

Presentation: 3D printing and (smart / sustainable materials)

Place: Kazerne

Date and time: December 5 at 17:30

Free entrance 

During this event you will hear one of the trendiest materials development at the TU/e (given by Ghislaine Vantomme) and how 3D printing and materials can be applied to enhance a local tradition (given by Michelle Baggerman).

More info or interested to join? Then click here.

City game: Conquering Future Eindhoven 2.0 (Political power)

Place: The Student Hotel

Date and time: December 14 at 14:30 – 18:00

Price: 10 Euros 

Are you interested to meet new people, solve challenges and get to know the city in a funny way? Then, come and join us !!

After the success of the 1st Edition of Conquering Future Eindhoven, we are excited to bring you the 2nd edition. This edition challenges you to compete with other teams to grow your political powers in a fun and interesting way in the city of Eindhoven.

More info or interested to join? Then click here.


The topic of January will be

“Radiation in our living environments and its impact”


Who is behind the curtains?

We are a small team who is intended to organically grow. We are teaming-up and partnering with strong organizations to enhance approach. Do not hesitate and engage with us..

Let's get in touch
Say Hello!

Please call or emails us at:

Mayra Ortega Maldonado, initiator and general coordinator

mayra@art-and-technology.org or mayra.ortega.maldonado@gmail.com

Mob: +31 (0) 6 45 92 5001


Or send us a message:

Stichting Art + Tech Society is a non-profit organization registered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands under the CoC (KvK) number 76420345